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Saint Mary’s Long Newton adopts the Durham Diocese Safeguarding policy which is annually updated.  This policy deals with all aspects of safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.  A full text can be found here.

Diocesan Safeguarding Policy January 2019

A one-page summary of our commitments on safeguarding available to view here.

Christine Burnell is our Parish Safeguarding Officer, appointed by the PCC, to act on its behalf in taking action where abuse is suspected or disclosed. She reports to the PCC each month, arranges safeguarding training, and ensures DBS checks are up to date. Christine’s contact details are displayed in the church porch.  Christine can be contacted on 07772 586713 or by email at christineburnell202@gmail.com

When should you contact Christine?

  • If you suspect abuse, or are told about abuse, you should report it to Christine who will ensure your concern is taken seriously
  • Do not delay as this could leave a child, young person or vulnerable adult unprotected against further abuse
  • Please do not attempt to deal with the problem alone

Christine will not:

  • Deal with the problem alone
  • Press a child, young person or vulnerable adult for details of the alleged abuse
  • Ask probing, leading, or suggestive questions
  • On receipt of third party information, contact the person alleged to have been abused
  • Contact the alleged abuser

Christine will:

  • Contact the appropriate individuals or organisations who can best help
  • Share information only on a strictly need-to-know basis