John Lambert is Saint Mary’s Vicar, having a particular responsibility for Messy Church, Godzone and planning Sunday morning services. He preaches every other month at the 10.30am service, is chair of the PCC and on the governing board of the school.

John became a Christian in 1979, in a Christian Youth Centre in Berkshire. He says “I had an encounter with the love of God and I was so struck hearing about all that Jesus said and did. I remember how it had such a ring of truth and the more I thought about it, the more it rang true.”

John is married to Kathie and they have four grown up children and seven grandchildren. He enjoys most things French (language, culture, food, wine), sport and graphic design.

In 2015 John wrote a book called Believe It Or Not which explores 26 different reasons why Christianity is true and Jesus is who he said he was.

Paul Clayton is Saint Mary’s Associate Minister, having a particular responsibility as the focal leader at the 10.30am morning service.

Paul has been a Christian since 1961. He says “I was converted at a Christian boys’ camp at an evening meeting. Although I had a good knowledge of the gospel from a very early age it did not really speak to me and convict me till that night when Ian Balfour the Padre spoke on the need for Jesus to take charge of our lives.”

Paul enjoys bird watching, reading, walking and football.

He is married to Gill (who also leads services and preaches at Saint Mary’s) and they have two grown up children.


Paul Arnold is Saint Mary’s Curate and is involved about once a month at 10.30am as well as Messy Church and Godzone. Paul was brought up in a Christian household and was a ‘good Christian boy’ until he hit teenage years and began to drift away from church in order to ‘have a good time.’

Then he met his now wife, Liz, found out that she went to church, and started going again, and heard a voice say ‘Welcome home’. He turned around, but there was no-one there. He spent the next few years coming to terms with ‘how God could still love me despite all that I had done to wrong him.’

Paul loves playing music (guitar and singing), watching rugby, golf, cycling and walking. He also really enjoys cooking and trying new and interesting food.

Paul is married to Liz and they have three young children.



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