John Lambert

John became a Christian in 1979, at the age of 17 in a Christian Youth Centre in Berkshire. He says “It was an amazing place with a fantastic welcoming atmosphere. I had an encounter with the love of God and I was so struck hearing about all that Jesus said and did. I remember how it had such a ring of truth and the more I thought about it, the more it rang true. In the end, I gave up my resistance.”

John is married to Kathie and they have four grown up children and five grandchildren. Three of the children, Anna, Nathan and Joseph now and live in Newcastle and Paris. They all go to churches there. Benjamin still lives at home in Eaglescliffe and is at Art College in Middlesbrough. John enjoys running, cinema, writing and travelling in France.

In 2015 John wrote a book called Believe It Or Not which explores 26 different reasons why he thinks God exists, Christianity is true and Jesus is who he said he was. The reasons vary from the remarkable origins of the universe, the emergence of living creatures from non-living matter, the unique persona of Jesus, evidence for the resurrection, the amazing attitude of Christians facing death and the extraordinary track record of the Bible’s message to change lives for the better.

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