Representing the people of Saint Mary’s through its elected members, the Parochial Church Council (PCC) has a critical role to play. It is the decision making body of the church.

It has oversight over every area of the church’s mission and ministry, including the church’s finances, and carries the responsibility for setting policy, budget and monitoring income and expenditure.

Minutes of each meeting are posted in the church entrance porch.

Current members of Saint Mary’s PCC are:

  • Jim Askew
  • Christine Ayers (Church Warden) *
  • Lewis Ayers (Treasurer) *
  • Chris Brown (Church Warden) *
  • Revd Paul Clayton
  • Jane Firth
  • Steven Firth
  • Revd John Lambert (Vicar and Chairman) *
  • Cheryl Moore
  • Terri Reed
  • Mike Shaw (Secretary) *
  • Brian Wake

* – members of the Standing Committee

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