Ministry Teams

St Mary’s has trained and developed lay leadership over several years.

Our Service Leading and Preaching Team prepares and leads Sunday services and gives life-related talks based on the Bible. The team is supplemented by occasional visiting members of the All Saints’ ministry team and invited speakers but the local team comprises:

  • - Jim Askew
  • - Pam Birtle
  • - Trevor Birtle
  • - Jenny Braddy
  • - Gill Clayton
  • - Rev Paul Clayton
  • - Rev John Greenwood
  • - Rev John Lambert
  • - Cheryl Moore
  • - Brian Wake

The Ministry Development Team (MDT) has four main roles; to consider what St Mary’s should be and do, to consider what contribution every member can make, to consider what support and training are needed, and to consider how well the church is doing in the fulfilment of its vision.

The MDT therefore sets the spiritual direction of the church. It identifies, and seeks to release, spiritual gifts and ministries identifying training needs and opportunities. Licensed by the Bishop, it is accountable to the PCC. Current members of the MDT are:

  • - Gill Askew
  • - Pam Birtle
  • - Trevor Birtle
  • - Revd Paul Clayton
  • - Revd John Lambert (Chair)
  • - Brian Settle
  • - Kath Snowdon

The Pastoral Care Team coordinates visiting the sick and breaved, does baptism follow up and generally offers support for people in any kind of need. This team meets every other month. Members of the team are:

  • - Gill Askew   01642 764943
  • - Rev John Lambert    01642 789814 or johnlambert.allsaints@gmail.com
  • - Jenny Meadows (Authorised Pastoral Assistant)    01642 582405 or jennmeadows@hotmail.co.uk
  • - Ann Moss (North Tees Chaplaincy Team) mossann@hotmail.co.uk
  • - Kath Snowdon
  • - Sonia Wade    07779 749444 or soniawade@icloud.com

The Communications Group, meeting every other month, is responsible for all internal and external communications, in particular to ensure that services, events and activities are well-publicised. The current members of the Communications Group are:

  • - Pauline Brown
  • - Antonia Chapman-Jones
  • - Lynne Dennis
  • - Jane Firth
  • - Steven Firth
  • - Pat Hay
  • - Ian Palmer-Jones
  • - Terry Reed
  • - Mike Shaw (Chairman)
  • - Ann Smith (Secretary)

The Worship Committee has responsibility for thinking creatively with a view to bringing fresh ideas to Saint Mary’s services, selecting themes and readings, suggesting new service leaders and preachers (in agreement with the vicar) and inviting new people to do readings and lead prayers. Current members are:

  • - Eddie Bainbrdge
  • - Trevor Birtle
  • - Jenny Braddy
  • - Gill Clayton
  • - Richard Dennis
  • - Cheryl Moore
  • - Brian Wake
The GodZone Team prepares and delivers GodZone services in liaison with Saint Mary’s School. The Messy Church Team plans and delivers our bimonthly Messy Church service.